Traffic Engineering


The purpose of the Traffic Engineering Division is to plan, design, construct, and maintain all traffic control devices (signs, signals, school flashers, roadway markings); and to provide cost effective solutions to remedy traffic safety and operational concerns for protection and comfort of Seminole County citizens.

Business Strategy

The Traffic Engineering Division performs all essential engineering and operations functions related to traffic safety and efficiency elements as provided by Florida Law, the Board of County Commissioners, and in accordance with all federal, state, and local standards. These essential functions include traffic safety and operational studies, roadway signing and traffic emergency management, signals and signal systems operations and maintenance, roadway and intersection striping program, and administration of construction and professional services contracts.

Traffic Clip


Perform maintenance operations for traffic signals and signal systems under County jurisdiction. Perform essential operations to fabricate, install and maintain roadway signs and pavement marking. Conduct safety and traffic operations studies to reduce frequency and severity of crashes and improve mobility. Respond to citizen concerns regarding traffic safety and congestion problems. Administer an efficient emergency response program for traffic control during road closures and natural disasters.


The Seminole County Traffic Engineering Office is located at 140 Bush Loop, Sanford. Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Our office number is (407) 665-5677.

New Device!!

Florida Department of Transportation has installed a new pedestrian crossing signal that will be going active in November on US 17-92 just south of Airport Blvd, in Sanford (next to Mel's Diner).  The new pedestrian cross walk system is called HAWK, high intensity activated crosswalk beacon.  Click here for a printable flyer and here for a short video of how the signal will operate.  If you have any questions regarding this new pedestrian crossing signal please contact FDOT at 407-278-2800.

Traffic Engineering Division provides services to the community in the following areas:

Signals & Signal Systems - services include, but are not limited to, repair and maintenance of all traffic signals within Seminole County.  This includes programming of the timing parameters, planning and management of new signals and responding to reported malfunctions. The County maintains over 400 signals, as well as numerous warning flashers and school flashers for FDOT, the School Board and all seven (7) Cities (Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Longwood, Oviedo and Winter Springs).  We also maintain several private signals.  For any signal timing issues or other concerns at any County signal, please call Traffic Engineering during regular business hours (M-F 7:30am to 5pm) at 407-665-5677.  For after-hours, please call 407-665-6650.

For Seminole County's latest Mast Arm Standards, click here for the  PDF file. For additional information contact Charles Wetzel at via e-mail or phone (407) 665-5677.

Fiber Optic Network - services include, but are not limited to repair and maintenance of approximately 1,246 active miles of fiber and installation of new fiber within Seminole County, planning and managing fiber connections for new or upgrading signals, flashers, beacons, variable message boards( VMS), and outside connections to county facilities, various agencies and municipalities throughout Seminole County. For additional information contact John Brown at via e-mail or phone (407) 665-5644. After hours emergencies call (407) 665-5100.

Signs - services include, but are not limited to, fabrication, installation, repair, and maintenance of roadway signing along County maintained right of way. For additional information contact Willie Allen at via e-mail or phone (407) 665-5643. After hours emergencies related to existing Stop and/or Yield signs call (407) 665-5100.

Roadway Markings  - include maintenance and installation of pavement markings on County maintained roadways. For additional information contact Wes Jackson via phone at (407) 665-5683 or email at

Traffic Studies - services include responding to citizen concerns on the County roadway system, conducting traffic studies including speed studies, traffic counts, signal warrant studies, neighborhood studies, etc. Contact Mike Blinn at via e-mail or phone (407) 665-5699.

Traffic Permits - services include issuance and coordination of permits for movement of over-size and/or over-weight vehicles, block parties, parades, and special events. Contact Kathleen Arwood at via email or phone (407) 665-5677.

Maintenance of Traffic (M.O.T.)  - requires a permit for Jack & Bore, Directional, Lane Closure, Road Closure, and Right of Way use. Contact Wes Jackson via phone at (407) 665-5683 or email at

Decorative Sign Agreement -  - This type of Agreement is between Seminole County and the Homeowners Association to allow the HOA to install decorative post for the signage within their subdivision.

Traffic Enforcement Agreement  - The Agreement permits the Sheriff’s Office to enter into a private and/or gated community to enforce regulatory signage.

Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST) - - has moved to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

Traffic Cameras

The Florida Department of Transportation's "I-4 in Seminole County" feeds are shown on SGTV from 7-8 AM and 4-5:30 PM, Monday through Friday (except holidays and previously scheduled meetings or programs). The feeds are cycled through a scrolling loop, which includes all cameras in Seminole County located between Orange County at Lee Road and the St John's River Bridge before Volusia County.

The Florida 511 web site gives access to the region's traffic cameras, as well as point to point travel times, a congestion map, construction areas, evacuation routes, and more.