Traffic Engineering

Decorative Sign Agreement

This type of Agreement is between Seminole County and the Homeowners Association to allow the HOA to install decorative post for the signage within their subdivision.


  • A written request from Homeowners Association to Traffic Engineering requesting a Decorative Sign Agreement with Seminole County to install decorative post.
  • List of Homeowners Association Officers with title and phone number.
  • Request a Certificate of Insurance from your agent with the certificate holder being: Seminole County, 1101 E. 1st Street, Sanford, FL 32771 but send to Traffic Engineering, 140 Bush Loop, Sanford, FL 32773.
  • The design of stanchion (post) must meet AASHTO and MUTCD/FDOT Standard Design for breakaway.  Must have certificate of such.
  • $40.00 processing fee is required - check payable to Seminole County Board of County Commissioners.
  • All traffic control signs must be reflective material, FHWA and MUTCD/FDOT layout and specifications, mounted 7' high measured from bottom of sign face and unobstructed landscape.
  • Map of subdivision marking the location of where the decorative post will be installed.

**Note:  Seminole County will only replace a sign post with a standard u-channel in emergencies.  It shall be the Association's responsibility to ensure installation of a decorative post.

Please return the above requirements to: 

Traffic Engineering
140 Bush Loop
Sanford, FL 32773

PhoneIf you have any questions, please contact Traffic Engineering at 407-665-5678 or 407-665-5677.