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Public Works


To design, build, and maintain an infrastructure of the highest quality, managed by a Dedicated Professional Workforce in service to the community.

Throughout the entire spectrum of community support operations, whether it be routine or emergency, the DPW will be the first place citizens call for quality and expert engineering and public works services. Our level of professionalism and selfless service will be a model for all others to follow. The community will have developed a respect and trust in our abilities that will gain statewide and regional recognition. The Organization of Choice for the Seminole County Community Quality Engineering and Public Works Professionalism and Service Community Trust in our Stewardship

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GIS Mapping

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) layers maintained by Public Works include capital improvement projects, sidewalks and other pavement inventory, hydrology, drainage basins, lake gauges and sample sites, stormwater structures such as ponds, pipes, canals and structures, and traffic information such as street intersections, and signals.

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