Engineering Division

Stormwater Engineering

*The Stormwater Section of the Engineering Division makes improvements to the stormwater and storm sewer systems to prevent erosion, flooding and property damage.  Solutions are generally developed by combining the fields of hydrology, hydraulics, and stormwater treatment with the latest tools available in surveying, geographical information systems (GIS) and computer modeling.  Improvements include building regional stormwater facilities, installation or repair of culverts, pipes and structures, and regional Basin Studies.

*The Subdivision Rehabilitation Program began in 2003 to implement necessary improvements to modernize the County’s older subdivisions and bring their existing stormwater systems to current county standards. The Program focuses on deficiencies such as roadway pavement, storm drainage, flooding of yards, roadways and/or homes, broken inlets, pedestrian facilities, safety issues and utilities, and aims to upgrade, replace or retrofit the system as necessary