Seminole County Animal Services’ volunteer program is an active, engaging, and rewarding experience. If you are 18 years or older and have a passion for animals and volunteering, you’re in the right place.

Types of Volunteers

Paw Partners

Our paw partners get to work hands-on with our shelter dogs and cats. They assist with several activities including but not limited to taking out and exercising dogs, socializing the cats in the free roaming cat room, bathing and grooming the dogs or cats, and assisting in off-site adoption events. Additionally, paw partners can also assist as adoption counselors, who help customers in choosing the best furry friend for adoption.

Project Partners

Our project partners assist with major events, such as Paws & Claus. This opportunity is best suited for interested participants who have other commitments and limited time to give as volunteers in this position would only dedicate a few hours’ time for each event.

Office Partners

Office partners assist with clerical duties such as filing, creating information packets, making goodie bags, and other assigned office responsibilities. There are always things to do behind the scenes to help get pet parents set up with their new companion.

Foster Care

Volunteers who choose to foster an animal will assist with bringing the animal(s) home and caring for them until they are ready for adoption. Animals could need fostering for a variety of reasons such as a newborn kitten needing to be bottle fed or a dog in need of care post-surgery. Foster pet parents would be provided with food, medication if needed, and supplies. The foster animals would need to be brought back into the shelter for regular check-ups.

BFF100 (Bright Future Foster 100) and BFF Cats

Seminole County High School students, ages 16-18, can foster a shelter dog or litter of kittens for up to eight weeks with parental permission. The student must complete new volunteer orientation, submit weekly updates and photos, and write a report about their fostering experience upon completion. If the student meets all these requirements at the conclusion of the eight weeks, they will be awarded 100 hours and/or 2 hours per day of fostering, community service hours that could be used toward the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program. Students who choose to participate in the BFF100 program will be provided with all necessary supplies.

Hound Around Town Program

mastiff dog

Seminole County Animal Services’ “Hound Around Town” initiative allows for a vetted dog to be taken away from the shelter for two hours by a trained volunteer. The volunteer can take a walk on one of Seminole County’s trail systems, enjoy a stroll in one of our city/County parks and/or enjoy brunch at a partnering restaurant (with outdoor seating). After the walk, volunteers will be asked to fill out a report card on the dog’s experience. These report cards help potential new pup parents learn more about the dog they are interested in adopting.

New Volunteer Information

All new volunteers will be required to attend a volunteer orientation to learn more about program policies and responsibilities. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or fostering an animal, register for an upcoming orientation.

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