Pet Donations



Thank you for considering a donation to Seminole County Animal Services!  We strive to provide all current and future residents with the best possible care.  We can only reach this goal with the assistance of caring individuals and their donations.  While monetary donations are always welcome, there are other ways of donating to the homeless animals of Seminole County.

ALL donations made to our shelter are tax deductible, and receipts will be provided upon request.

Monetary & Credit Card Donations

All monetary donations made at the shelter, sent by mail, or made online via credit card are placed in a fund used to finance medications and general supplies not normally supplied through our operational budget. A couple of ways your monetary donation can help are:

  1. Spay and Neuters prior to being placed out in adoption
  2. Heartworm treatment for dogs so they can be placed for adoption
  3. Flea prevention

Kuranda Beds

Kuranda beds are used in all kennels, cages and the free roaming cat room to provide a comfortable elevated surface for dogs and cats to sleep. These beds, known for their durability, last for many years due to the ease of cleaning and chew proof material.

Choose the size of a Kuranda bed to donate and it’ll ship directly to the shelter.


Seminole County Animal Services has a wish list with Amazon where items can be purchased with ease and shipped directly to the shelter.

Browse the curated list of needed items to make a much-needed impact in the care of our animals.


Chewy is an online retailer of all things pets, selling many items used daily at the shelter.

Wish List

Going shopping in person or organizing a donation drive? Here is a list of items that are in high demand at the shelter.

Browse through it, and on your next shopping trip consider helping a homeless pet in need.

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