Nuisance Animals

Animal Services has resumed regular business and have begun loaning out traps to Seminole County residents, we will begin offering Rabies Vaccines & Microchips to the public beginning June 2, 2021 on Mondays & Wednesdays between the hours of 2pm & 3pm. In considerations of the impact of COVID-19 on our communities, we encourage social distancing and the use of masks at our facility. 


If the animal is a dog or cat and can be safely confined, you may bring the animal in to our shelter or contact our dispatchers at 407-665-5201 and have an Animal Services Officer come out to pick the animal up. Cats must be confined before an officer can be sent out. Officers can patrol areas for loose dogs, however, calls are run in order of priority and there is no guarantee on when an officer can be in the area. Dogs that have not been confined are often gone by the time an officer arrives.

If a dog or cat cannot be safely confined, Seminole County Animals Services will provide live traps to Seminole county residents for the purpose of trapping nuisance animals. Traps must be picked up from Animals Services by the customer. Animals that are caught in traps can be brought in to the shelter, or upon request, picked up by an Animal Services Officer.

When you arrive to pick up a trap, you will be asked to provide your photo identification showing that you reside within Seminole County. We are unable to issue traps to anyone who resides outside of Seminole County or who does not have proper identification. You will be required to sign a trap agreement/voucher of which you will receive a copy. The agreement includes the date when the trap is due back, the fees that may be applied if the trap is late or lost, and the phone number to call to have an animal picked up. Please remember that traps CAN NOT be set on or before legal holidays as we do not have officers available for pick ups.



If the animal is a wild animal, please visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) web page for tips on how to deal with wildlife problems. Several licensed trapping companies provide these services for a fee. For a list of licensed trappers, click here.

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