Seniors for Seniors

Senios for Seniors

Seminole County Animal Services offers FREE senior pets (6 years or older) to any senior (60 years of age or older). This program is designed to help senior humans rediscover the joys of having a cat or dog in their lives.

There are numerous reasons why companion animals are great for seniors

  • Companion Animals Lower Blood Pressure: According to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association, people with pets had significantly lower resting baseline heart rates and blood pressure.
  • Less Depression: Studies show that companion animals may reduce depression and loneliness in older adults, especially those who are homebound and socially isolated.
  • Seniors Become More Active: Harvard Medical School equates dog ownership with physical fitness as seniors with companion animals go for more walks and are generally more active than those without pets.
  • Having a Routine: Seniors take good care of their companion animals and better care of themselves when they care for a pet, because it gives them a routine and purpose.

Seniors can come by the Seminole County Animal Services and visit with one of our adoption specialists to find the companion animal that is the best fit.

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