Pets for Patriots

Pets for Patriots

Animal Services is launching a new adoption program for our military veterans in partnership with Pets for Patriots. By joining forces with Pets for Patriots, Seminole County Animal Services will offer a free pet adoption to veterans who adopt program-eligible dogs and cats.

Animals eligible for adoption through the Pets for Patriots Program include

  • Dog or cat, at least 2 years of age OR
  • Dog or cat with special needs OR
  • Dog or cat in the shelter with a 6 month stay or longer OR
  • Dog that is 40+ pounds at adoption

Veterans must first apply to Pets for Patriots online and provide eligibility documents. Approval takes no more than two business days after which veterans can visit Seminole County Animal Services and adopt their new best friend.

Once approved through the Pets for Patriots Program, Veterans are eligible for discounted pet care, members-only discounts on pet products, a ‘Welcome Home Gift Card’, pre-adoption counseling, and post-adoption follow-up through Pets for Patriots.

Pets for Patriots Brochure

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