Lost Pets

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Following are the policies regarding lost (also known as stray) pets impounded at Seminole County Animal Services.

  • We hold stray pets not microchiped or wearing identification five (5) business days, before they become property of Seminole County. After the fifth day, the animal is evaluated is for temperament/health for adoption.
  • We initiate a diligent search to trace the owner of a stray pet wearing identification or microchipped. So, the time before these pets are evaluated for adoption may be longer.
  • We recommend that you visit our shelter frequently to look for your pet. We cannot confirm over the phone if your pet is here, remember pets can lose their tags and some microchips won't be picked up by scanners.
  • We recommend that you complete a “Lost Pet” form.
  • When you visit, bring your pets rabies vaccination certificate and any other proof of ownership you have on your pet. If your pet does not have a current rabies vaccination, it will receive one before it leaves.

Animal redemption fees

  • The following fees apply:
    • Impound fee $50
    • Boarding per day $10
    • Rabies Vaccination (if needed) $10
    • Seminole County Pet License (fees vary) $5-$25
    • Microchip $10
  • These fees may be paid by cash, personal check, or major credit card (service fee will apply). *Citations for ordinance violations may also be issued. You will have the right to pay the fine(s) within 30 days to the Clerk of Court or ask for a court date to contest the citation. *

*Animals can wander please check your surrounding county animal agencies.


If you have FOUND a pet..

If you have found a lost pet, you can either hold the animal until the owner is located or have your local Animal Services agency hold the animal.

If you have found an animal within Seminole County and would like to turn the animal over to Seminole County Animal Services, you may bring the animal to our shelter during regular business hours or call to have the animal picked up by an officer during regular business hours.

Please keep in mind that the animal should be turned into the agency responsible for the area in which the animal was found. For example, if the animal was found in Orange County, it should be turned over to Orange County Animal Services; and so on.



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