Municipal Service Benefit Unit (msbu) Program

MSBU Applications In Process

Applications are currently (or were recently) in process for the following proposed or existing MSBUs:

Lake & Aquatic Vegetation Management


Current Status: An application [November 2018] to assist lakefront property owners with creation of an MSBU for funding restoration and on-going aquatic weed control services on behalf of Lake Sylvan is in process.  Owners of lakefront and associated properties attended an information meeting on January 16, 2019 at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy in Sanford where the MSBU and Lake Management Programs presented information about their perspective programs.  The MSBU Program representatives provided details about the MSBU creation process and estimated assessment per property based on preliminary cost estimates prepared by the Lake Management Program.  The PowerPoint presentation is shown below.

MSBU Slides

Lake Management Slides

On January 18, 2019, the MSBU Program sent the Petition for Creation of an MSBU to all Lakefront and Associated properties for their indication of support or against creation.  The petition had a deadline for return of February 20, 2019. As more than 65% of petititons were received in favor before the deadline, the Board of County Commissioners will have a Public Hearing on March 26, 2019 for consideration of creation of this MSBU.  As noted in the graphic below, the petition received 76.2% support of the lakefront properties.

Background History:  A Survey of Interest was received with sufficient support to accept an application to assist the community in their effort to secure a MSBU for funding a full lake hydrilla treatment and ongoing aquatic weed control services through Seminole County.  Lake Sylvan is an approximately 188 acre lake in unincorporated Sanford, just to the south of SR 46 and east of Lake Markham Road.


No applications in process at this time.


English Estates

Current Status: The street lighting equipment upgrade within English Estates was initiated in 2018. Scheduling and completion of upgrade has experienced delays due to availability of equipment. Duke Energy is currently working on installation and mapping the remaining lights that need to be upgraded.  There is no known completion date at this time.

Background History: The MSBU Program received in June 2017 an application from the community HOA to upgrade the street lighting equipment to LED lighting.  The MSBU Program distributed a petition to the community by mail in September 2017 to determine if the upgrade request could be honored.  At the close of the petition process, less than 1% of the properties had responded in opposition to the upgrade. Based on the communitywide support for the upgrade, the equipment exchange was approved and scheduled to begin in 2018. The upgrade in equipment is expected to have an assessment increase impact of $5.00 per benefit unit. 

Citrus Heights

Current Status: The MSBU Program received a request from the unincorporated Sanford community of Citrus Heights to add street lighting within their community on Citrus and Tangerine Avenues. The MSBU Program processed the application and worked with FPL to determine the necessary equipment to be installed in the community.  A Petition to determine support for the creation of this street lighting MSBU was mailed to property owners on February 15, 2019 with a petition deadline of March 22, 2019.

Background History: The MSBU Program received in November 2018 an application from the community to place LED street lighting equipment.  The anticipated assessment for each benefit unit is expected to be $40.


No applications in process at this time.


River Crest

Current Status: The Seminole County MSBU Program accepted a completed Survey of Interest and Application to create an MSBU for funding the installation of metered-water utility infrastructure from representatives of the River Crest community on August 22, 2018.  An application review meeting was held on October 5 with the applicant(s) and representatives of the MSBU Program [Resource Management Department] and Utilities Engineering [Environmental Services Department] in attendance. The requested service scope, application processing steps, and potential concerns were discussed at the meeting. As metered-water utility projects require dedicated utility easement provisions, the easements documented for the River Crest subdivision are being reviewed from a legal perspective to ensure the required easement is available before proceeding further in the application process. A communitywide meeting is anticipated in early 2019, providing utility easement concerns are resolved. If/when the application process moves forward, the MSBU Program will provide mailed notice to the owners of property within River Crest once a meeting date is confirmed. The community meeting will be informative and offer details regarding project scope, estimated cost, assessment allocation and the process associated with creation of an MSBU.

Background History: The River Crest subdivision is located in the northwest quadrant of Seminole County adjacent to the Wekiva River.  Since 1999, the MSBU Program has received various inquiries from owners of River Crest properties in regards to providing assistance with creating an MSBU to fund retrofitting of the subdivision from private wells to metered water utility services.  In the past, the percentage of property owners interested and willing to fund the cost of this retrofitting has been insufficient to proceed through the MSBU creation process.