Gis (geographic Information Systems)

GIS Data


Seminole County has developed a Geographic Information System (GIS) to support many of its planning, environmental, and regulatory activities. This database includes a considerable amount of information that is potentially of value to federal, state, regional, and local governmental agencies, as well as to private businesses.

Disclaimer of Warranty

GIS data are provided on an "as is" basis. The County specifically disclaims any warranty, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use. The entire risk as to quality and performance is with the purchaser. In no event will the County or its staff be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or other damages, including loss of profit, arising out of the use of this data even if the County has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Sensitive Data Policy

Seminole County does have in place a policy regarding dissemination of sensitive data via these pages.  View the policy here and direct any questions regarding this to (407) 665-1105./p>

Distribution Format

Data is only available in the spatial format in which it is stored in the County GIS database (geodatabases). Our layers are projected in  NAD_1983_StatePlane_Florida_East_FIPS_0901_Feet. Data is being provided as Esri ArcGIS 10.x file geodatabases.  We are currently on Esri's ArcGIS Version 10.4.1 (SDE, SERVER and DESKTOP).

Digital Data Availability

Below is a list of available GIS layers. Our frequently updated, most requested layers are on the top, and the other GIS layers are arranged alphabetically. Downloads are all zip files and arranged by theme in ArcGIS 10 file geodatabases. In some cases we have provided a link to an external website where a more recent layer may be available. You need Acrobat Reader to view the Item Description (metadata) pdf files.

For shapefile formats of some of our popular layers, click here.


If you need more information or are looking for other GIS layers, please contact the Geographic Information Services Division at (407) 665-1147 or email

For Utilities GIS Layers, contact the Environmental Services Department

To download the data files, **right click on the file name and Save target as or Save link as**. We are still in the process of updating metadata. Please call us if you have any questions.

 Layer Name / Item Description (pdf)  Short Description  Update Cycle  Download (zip files) /  Contact / Useful Link
Popular Downloads
 Situs (Addresses)  Address points  Weekly  Addresses.gdb
 Streets  Seminole County street centerlines  Weekly  Streets.gdb
 CityLimits  Spatial record of municipal shapes and ordinances  Weekly  Citylimits.gdb
 FutureLandUse  Future Land Use Layer (Unincorporated Only)  Weekly  LandUse.gdb
 Zoning Seminole County's Zoning Layer (Unincorporated Only)  Weekly  LandUse.gdb
 Parcels  Property Appraisers parcel polygons database (includes Parcel Table 1)  Weekly  Parcels.gdb
Other GIS Layers (Alphabetic)
 AirportRunwaysFAA  Airport Runway locations (Florida)  As needed  Bureau of Transportation Statistics
 Apartments  Apartments (multi family housing)  Annual  Facilities.gdb 
 BoatRamps  Boat Ramps accessible to the public  Annual  Recreation.gdb 
 BusNeighborhood  LYNX Bus Service Neighbor Link service areas  As needed   LYNX
 BusRoutes  LYNX Bus Service routes as individual lines  As needed   LYNX
 BusStops  LYNX bus stops  As needed   LYNX
 Canals  Canals. Ditches and swales (unincorporated only)  Weekly  Stormwater.gdb
 Capital Improvement Projects  Location of Capital Improvement Projects (Public Works Department)    Public Works / Interactive Map
 CensusBlockGroups  2011 block group geography downloaded from the Census Bureau ( website  None planned  Census.gdb / US Census
 CensusBlocks  2011 block geography downloaded from the Census Bureau ( website  None planned  Census.gdb / US Census
 CensusDesignatedPlaces  2011 designated places downloaded from the Census Bureau ( website  None planned  Census.gdb / US Census
 CensusPopulationData  Downloaded from the Census Bureau ( website  None planned   Census.gdb / US Census
 CensusTracts 2 11 census tract geography downloaded from the Census Bureau ( website  None planned   Census.gdb / US Census
 CentralFloridaBoundaries  Central Florida County Boundaries  None planned  Boundaries.gdb
 Churches  Seminole County churches matched to DOR codes in property appraisers database  Annual  Facilities.gdb
 CityCommissionDistricts  City Commission Districts compiled from various city layers  As needed  Elect.gdb
 CommissionDistricts  Seminole County Commission Districts and Commissioners  None planned  Elect.gdb
 Communities*  Communities, historic and current  None planned
 CongressionalDistrict  Congressional Legislative District for 2012 and Thereafter   As needed  Elect.gdb
 Contours1FootEastLidar  1 foot contours Lidar based (2009, SJRWMD)  None planned  ContoursEast.gdb
 Contours1FootWestLidar  1 foot contours Lidar based (2005, complied from the FEMA study)  None planned  ContoursWest.gdb
 LiDAR Coverage Map  Map showing coverage of LiDAR & Contour Data (pdf)  None planned  LiDAR & Contour Index
 ControlPointsHorizontal  County's Horizontal Control Network  None planned  Survey
 ControlPointsVertical  County's Vertical Control Network  None planned   Survey
 CountyBoundary  Seminole County Boundary  None planned  Boundaries.gdb
 Culverts  Stormwater Culvert Inventory (Unincorporated Only)  Weekly  Stormwater.gdb
 Daycares  Daycare facilities  Annual  Facilities.gdb
 DrainageBasins  Stormwater Drainage Basins  None planned  Stormwater.gdb
 DOR4Codes  DOR4 Code Description  Annual  DOR4CodeDescription
 DrainageSubBasins   Stormwater Drainage Sub-Basins  None planned  Stormwater.gdb
 ElectionPolls  Polling Stations for the Election Year 2012  None planned  Elect.gdb
 EnvironmentallySensitiveLands  Conservation Areas  None planned  Environmental.gdb
 ExistingLandUse  Existing land use based on the Property Appraisers DOR-4 Code values  Quarterly  LandUse.gdb
 Facilities  Governmental Facility Locations  Annual  Facilities.gdb 
 FiveAcreSubdivisions  Dataset extracted from the Parcel subdivision field (Sub)  None planned   
 FloodZonePanels  FEMA DFirm Index  None planned   View DFirm PDFs
 FloodZones (FEMA DFirm)  FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map  None planned  FEMA
 FloridaCountyBoundaries  Outline of Florida County Boundaries  None planned  FGDL 
 GolfCoursesPoints   Golf courses as a point layer   Annual  Recreation.gdb
 HealthCareFacilities  Health Care Facility Information from FL DOH clipped to County  Annual  Facilities.gdb
 HighwayRestAreas  Rest Areas along I-4 in Seminole County  None planned  Transportation.gdb
 HomeOwnersAssociations  HOA and COAs in Seminole County   2 - 3 years  HOA.gdb
 Hotels  Hotels and motels in Seminole County  Annual  Recreation.gdb
 HouseDistricts  State Legislative District for 2012 and Thereafter   As needed  Elect.gdb
 ImpactFeeZones*  Impact Fee Zones  None planned
 LotLinesNonParcel*  Lot Lines (PAO)  Weekly  
 MeetingVenues   Available meeting venues   Annual  Facilities.gdb  
 MobileHomesPoint*  Single Family Mobile Homes, Mobile Home and RV Parks  Annual
 MobileHomesPolygons*  Single Family Mobile Homes, Mobile Home and RV Parks  Annual
 MSBUProgram*  Parcels in various MSBU Programs - Paving, Water, etc.  As needed  
 MSBUStreetLightingDistricts*  Parcels in street lighting MSBUs  As needed  
 ParcelExemptions*  Parcels Exemptions Table (PAO)  Weekly  
 Parks*  Neighborhood Parks as a point layer - includes city parks  Annual  Recreation.gdb
 ParksPolygon*  Parks as a polygon layer  Annual
 PointsOfDistributionCounty*  Used for the distribution of water ice etc. during an emergency activation  Annual
 PointsOfDistributionVaccination*  Used for the National Stockpile distribution of vaccinations  Annual
 Ponds  Seminole County Stormwater Pond Inventory (Unincorporated Only)  Weekly  Stormwater.gdb
 PowerCompanyBoundary*  Power Services Boundary compiled from provider sources  None planned   
 PreservedLands  County owned Natural Lands, large private preserved lands and State/Federal Natural Lands  None planned   Environmental.gdb
 ProtectionAreas  Econ, Wekiva Protection Areas and Wekiva Study Area  None planned   Environmental.gdb
 PublicLandSurveySystem*  Historic Public Land Survey System with Grant Lines  None planned  
 Railroad*  Seminole County Railroad  None planned   Transportation.gdb
 RailroadHistoric*  Old Railroad lines  None planned  
 ReUseServiceAreas  shows areas of county supplied with reuse water  As Needed  Utilities.gdb
 RiparianProtectionZones*  Buffers created to protect certain waterways in Seminole County  None planned   
 RuralCharter2004  2004 voter referendum adopted to recognize eastern portion of County as rural in character  None planned  Boundaries.gdb
 SchoolBoardDistricts*  School Board Boundaries  As needed
 SchoolDistrictsElementary  Elementary School District Boundaries  As needed  Schools.gdb
 SchoolDistrictsMiddle  Middle School District Boundaries  As needed  Schools.gdb
 SchoolDistrictsHigh  High School District Boundaries  As needed  Schools.gdb
 SchoolLocations  Schools (public and private) as a point layer  Annual  Schools.gdb
 SenateDistricts  Legislative District for 2012 and Thereafter  As needed  Elect.gdb
 SewerServiceAreas  shows areas of county where sewer service is provided  As Needed  Utilities.gdb
 Shelters  Shelters that will be used during an EOC activation  Annual   Facilities.gdb
 ShoppingCenterPoints  Shopping Centers as a point layer  Annual  Facilities.gdb
 ShoppingCenterPolygons*  Shopping Centers on land >= 3.0 acres  Annual   
 StormStructures  Stormwater Structures (Unincorporated Only)  Weekly  Stormwater.gdb
 (Street) Intersections*  Street Intersection Nodes  As needed  
 SubdivisionPoints*  Subdivision number and point locations  Annual
 SubdivisionPolygons  Plats and Subdivision Boundaries (PAO)  Weekly  Subdivisions.gdb
 SubsidenceIncidentReports  Sinkhole Activity  As needed  FDEP
 SunRailLine  Commuter Rail Line in Seminole County (in the Railroads layer)  None planned  Transportation.gdb
 SunRailMileMarkers*  Sunrail Points of interest  None planned  
 SunRailStations  Sunrail Stations  None planned  Transportation.gdb
 SurveySections  Square grid that approximates sections, townships, and ranges  None planned   TRS.gdb
 SurveyTownships  Township and range lines to be drawn over the Section Grid  None planned  TRS.gdb
 Taintsville*  Boundary of the area known as Taintsville  None planned   
 TargetAreas*  Community Development Block Grant areas  None planned  
 TrafficAnalysisZones*  Used in Long Range Transportation Plan projections  None planned  
 TrailElements  Trailheads and other facilities along Seminole County Trails  Annual  Recreation.gdb
 Trails  Seminole County Trails Program  Annual  Recreation.gdb
 UnitedStatesNationalGrid100m  USNG Grid 100m for Seminole County  None planned   FGDL
 Utilities  Water, Sewer, Reuse  As needed  Environmental Services
 VacantLands  Vacant lands based on the Property Appraisers DOR-4 Code values  Annual  VacantLands.gdb
 VacatedStreets*  Vacated right of ways in Seminole County (PAO)  Weekly  
 VegetationHabitat   Land Use/Land Cover from St Johns River Water Management  District (SJRWMD)  None planned   SJRWMD Data
 VoterPrecincts   Election Precincts (2012 and thereafter)  None planned   Elect.gdb
 WaterBodiesAll  Major named lakes, rivers and conveyances  None planned  Environmental.gdb
 WaterServiceAreas  shows service areas of providers of potable water in Seminole County.  As Needed  Utilities.gdb
 Wetlands  From St Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD)  As needed  SJRWMD Data
 WetlandsNWI  Wetlands, riparian, deepwater and related aquatic habitats  As needed  NWI Data
 ZipCodes  Zip Code boundaries  None planned  Boundaries.gdb
 ZipCodesPOBox  Zip Codes for Post Office Boxes  None planned  Boundaries.gdb