Mosquito Control Program

Technical Committee


The County and all seven cities previously had separate mosquito control programs ranging from complaint-based adult control to limited integrated mosquito management. Integrated and comprehensive mosquito control is the best approach to prevent the outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between all seven (7) cities and Seminole County was created to consolidate and integrate mosquito control activities based on a comprehensive and scientific approach.

The County utilizes a combination of full-time and seasonal employees to accomplish the mission of controlling mosquitoes, conducting mosquito control activities within the geographic boundaries of the County, including the cities. Any supplemental treatments by the cities will be coordinated through the County.

The program will provide for aerial spraying for adult and larvae control on an as-needed basis in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and local regulations and with the cities' approval when appropriate. As recommended by the Joint City/County Advisory Committee and endorsed by the County and all seven (7) cities and stated in the MOA, each member has identified a representative to serve on an technical committee to coordinate implementation activities and operations of the Program and to assure consistency of service delivery.


  • Andy Capuano, City of Altamonte Springs
  • Steve Spencer, City of Casselberry
  • Dave Dovan, City of Lake Mary
  • Matt Hockenberry, City of Longwood
  • Chris Wenner, City of Oviedo
  • Marie Duffy, City of Sanford
  • Dale Smith, City of Winter Springs
  • Theressa Jones, Seminole County


The Technical Committee meeting will convene regularly April through November on the 2nd Thursday every other month at 10:00 am.  Call 407-665-5542 to check the meeting schedule.