Mosquito Control Program


Mosquito Fish

Seminole County has utilized mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) in areas to prevent mosquito emergence and lessen the amount of pesticides used.

  • Mosquitofish can eat their weight in mosquito larvae daily.
  • It is native to Florida.
  • Its temperature range is between 30-100F.
  • Mosquitofish are extremely hardy and will tolerate and thrive in just about any standing water, regardless of pH or oxygen content.
  • They bear live young, which are born approx. 3/8 " long and immediately feed on mosquito larvae.
  • When stocked in ponds with larger fish they may inhabit the shallows to avoid predators.
  • Mosquito larvae inhabit the shallows and become easy prey to the mosquitofish.

*If you have an area that may benefit from mosquitofish, contact the Mosquito Control office.