Mosquito Control Program

Green Pools

Green Pool

What is a "green" pool?  A "green" pool has abundant organic matter or bacterial growth, often with leaves or other debris, resulting in green to black-colored water.  These pools are not properly maintained with filtration and chemicals and are generally neglected by the property owner.  A neglected swimming pool is a perfect habitat for mosquitoes.  One pool can produce hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes over a summer for both the resident and surrounding neighbors and can put you at increased risk for West Nile virus.  Seminole County Mosquito Control can treat in-ground and above-ground green pools and also jacuzzis with larvicide that is not harmful to anything other than mosquito larvae.  Larvicide will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. 

Please report green pools by calling us at 407-665-5542 or emailing  Larvicide does not change the color of the water.  There is no fee for larvicide treatment.  We treat green pools all throughout Seminole County and within our 7 cities in both occupied and unoccupied homes.  Please advise if you wish to remain anonymous when reporting a green pool.

Your assistance will help us reduce the number of vector mosquitoes in a neighborhood!