Mosquito Control Program

Mosquito Control Program

The Seminole County Mosquito Control Program is a section of the Watershed Management Division out of the Environmental Services Department.

Our mission is to provide environmentally safe, effective and economically responsible mosquito control for the residents of Seminole County. Seminole County Mosquito Control promotes cooperation and communication with property owners, residents, and other government agencies to help in these efforts.

Seminole County Mosquito Control conducts routine inspections and treats areas as needed based on weekly routes, as depicted in this map. All adult mosquito control measures are conducted after justified in accordance Florida Administrative Code 5E-13.036.

Seminole County Mosquito Control 101

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Mosquito-borne Illnesses

Mosquitoes have the ability to pick up, carry, and transmit the agents that cause a specific disease. Many agents are viruses, including those causing the following (click “fact sheet” after each for more information):

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For more information about mosquito-borne illnesses, visit the Department of Health's Environmental Health website by clicking here, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website here.