Attention: the new building codes, Florida Building Code 2023 and 2020 National Electrical Code, along with the Florida Fire Prevention Code 2021 8th Edition are coming. 

The new codes go into effect December 31st at 12:00 am.  Any applications submitted by 11:59 pm on December 30th will be reviewed and inspected under the current codes.

Effective July 1, 2023, House Bill 1379 was implemented requiring new septic tank requirements for lots of 1 acre or less in the Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) area.  Additional information from the Health Department along with a map of the BMAPs area is available for review.

Effective November 7, 2023, the Office of the Governor executed Executive Order Number 23-211 extending Executive Order 22-253 and Executive Order Number 23-214 extending Executive Order 22-218 to make it easier for roofing work to be performed by certain contractors that are already licensed by the State of Florida.