Effective May 16, 2023, any Residential Gas Permit application or Residential Revision for Gas will be require a Plumbing Plan Review.

At their November 15, 2022 meeting, the Board of County Commissioners waived building permit and plan review fees related to the repair and reconstruction of commercial and residential structures that sustained damage directly from Hurricanes Ian and Nicole. Permit fee waiver requirements can be found on the Hurricane Damage Permit Fee Waiver Information and Affidavit form.

Storm Damage Repair information.

Homeowners and contractors need to be vigilant about getting repairs made quickly and correctly to storm damaged properties in the aftermath of a declared emergency. To further assist in the review process, please notate on the submitted application form that the work is related to storm damage.

Effective March 17, 2023 the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation executed Executive Order Number 23-60 and Executive Order 23-87 extending Executive Orders 22-218, 22-219 and 23-21, to make it easier for roofing work to be performed by certain contractors that are already licensed by the State of Florida.