The 2045 Transportation Mobility Plan (2045 TMP) will guide Seminole County’s short- and long-term transportation projects, programs, initiatives, and investments. This comprehensive plan will consider every way individuals move in and around Seminole County, including driving, walking, cycling, ride-share, rolling, and the use of public transportation. Then, the plan will recommend a variety of transportation investments to be made over the next 20 years, including an expanded road network and increased mobility options to support transit, pedestrian, and bicycle systems. Your input is needed to help shape the 2045 Transportation Mobility Plan.

highwaysSeminole County initiated the 2045 TMP in 2022 by first defining the vision, goals and objectives of the plan based on input from the Board of County Commissioners, regional transportation agencies, local municipalities in the County, and area stakeholders. The assessment of mobility needs for Seminole County was reviewed for consistency with regional planning documents, including Orange County’s North East Orange County Areawide Transportation Study, LYNX Transit Development Plan, and MetroPlan Orlando’s 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan.

Seminole County identified projects to meet the needs of the region and prioritized the projects for future funding opportunities. These projects are compiled into a list of Prioritized Mobility Projects and will be presented during the upcoming public meetings. In addition, input will be solicited from the public to further define the County’s mobility needs.

Key Considerations

The 2045 Transportation Mobility Plan will consider:

  • Roadway infrastructure improvements to enhance safety and connectivity Countywide
  • Bicycle, pedestrian, and accessibility improvements
  • Connected active transportation networks, such as walking, bicycling, transit, and multi-use trails
  • Easily accessible public transit (in coordination with LYNX and SunRail)
  • Mobility hubs featuring rideshare, carshare and bikeshare services
  • Improvements in underserved communities
  • Potential benefits of emerging technologies
  • Coordination with local and regional transportation partners

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