Water Conservation

Irrigation Evaluations

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Why Evaluate Your Irrigation?

  • Identify ways to conserve water and reduce water bills.
  • 527 households were able to reduce their water consumption by about 30%.
  • Approximately 88.4 million gallons of water were saved last year by those who participated in an irrigation evaluation.

What You'll Receive...

  • A visual and operational inspection of your irrigation system.
  • The evaluator will check your meter, timer, rain sensor and zones within your system.
  • A custom watering schedule will be created for your property.
  • Maintenance and design recommendations for your system will be discussed with you.
  • A written report will be mailed to you after the evaluation.

About the Irrigation Evaluation ContractorCATO Environmental

CATO Environmental Services, Inc. has been contracted by Seminole County to provide irrigation evaluations for unincorporated Seminole County utility customers. CATO is a licensed irrigation contractor that has been serving the Central Florida area since 1999. They are a progressive and knowledgeable company that has a strong focus on water conservation.

Please note, for security reasons our contractor, CATO Environmental Services, Inc., will arrive at your home with a Seminole County Contractor sign on their vehicle, as well as a Contractor Identification badge.

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* There is a $35.00 no show fee, if you schedule an Irrigation Evaluation and are not present at the scheduled time. 

Watering RestrictionsBe sure to follow the Watering Restrictions that are in place.