County Attorney's Office

About County Attorney's Office

The County Attorney’s Office provides legal counsel to the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners, County Manager, County Department and Division heads and other governmental subdivisions in all matters of civil law relating to Seminole County, Florida. Legal assistance is also provided to other Constitutional Officers when requested.

The office provides legal advice at Board meetings, performs legal research and offers advisory opinions, and responds to requests from the County Manager, Board of County Commissioners and county staff to draft or review contracts, ordinances and other legal documents.

Please note that the County Attorney's Office does not represent or give legal advice to citizens of Seminole County.

County Attorney  

Pursuant to the Seminole County Charter and the Seminole County Administrative Code, the County Attorney’s Office shall provide legal services to the Board of County Commissioners, County Manager, County departments and County boards and agencies as specified by County ordinances. The duties and responsibilities of the County Attorney include:
            (1)       Provides advice and representation for the legislative branch;
            (2)       Provides advice and representation for the executive branch;
            (3)       Provides advice and representation for Constitutional Officers created under Section 1(d) of Article VIII of the Florida Constitution, if requested by such officers and approved by the Board of County Commissioners;
            (4)       Prosecutes and defends all legal actions by and against the County as approved by the Board, or as directed by the Board; provided, however, the County Attorney is authorized and directed to take action on behalf of the County to protect the rights of the County in any legal action pending an appropriate opportunity to request required approval of the Board; and
            (5)       Selects, employs and directs Assistant County Attorneys and other paralegal and clerical positions as required to properly perform the duties of the office of County Attorney as funded by the budget adopted by the Board.
Note: The County Attorney is not the prosecutor or the prosecuting office.  For information relating to criminal prosecutions, please contact the Office of the State Attorney at (407) 665-6000 or 6101.

General Guidance to Public Officials and Employees Concerning
  •   Public Records
  •   E-Mails
  •   Code of Conduct & Ethics
  •   Facebook and Social Media
  •   Government in the Sunshine
* Note:  This presentation serves as general guidance to public officials and employees. 

Seminole County Code
Seminole County ordinances are codified in the Seminole County Code. Municipal Code Corporation of Tallahassee, Florida, handles the distribution of the Code for the County. You may access the Code online or obtain copies by contacting their office at 800-262-2633.

You may also order additional copies of the Seminole County Code with the order form provided below that must be sent to the Municipal Code Corporation.

* Search for Seminole County Code on the Municode website
PDF Seminole County Code of Ordinances Order Form (PDF) [83KB]

General Ordinances
The following general ordinances have been adopted by the County but are not yet included in the online Municode version of the County Code. If you would like to view the documents, click on the link(s) below.

    Ordinance 2022-9 Water and Wastewater Ordinance

    Ordinance 2022-12 Junk Vehicle & Nuisance Ordinance Update

    Ordinance 2022-13 Ordinance Amending Chapter 20 (Animals & Fowl)

BCC Administrative Code
This Code contains the general administrative rules, policies and procedures of Seminole County. The Administrative Code is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide for all administrative personnel and govern the operations of the County. Observance of this Administrative Code is mandatory for all County personnel and violation may result in disciplinary action.

*View the BCC Administrative Code