County Manager's Office

County Manager's Office


Nicole Guillet - Acting County Manager

Nicole Guillet
Phone: (407) 665-7211
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Meloney Lung - Assistant County Manager

Meloney Lung
Phone: (407) 665-7225
Fax: (407) 665-7958


Corey Warner
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Providing excellent service to create a vibrant community.


To deliver excellent public service that enhances quality of life and addresses our community’s needs, now and in the future.


Welcome to the County Manager’s Office Online Service Center. Through this site you can communicate directly with Nicole Guillet, County Manager.

Seminole County is governed by five elected Commissioners and an appointed County Manager who oversees the day-to-day operations of the County, advises the Board, and implements Commission policies.

Nicole Guillet, County Manager, is responsible for leading an organization of approximately 1,431 employees and a budget for fiscal year 2018/2019 of 793 million dollars. Ms. Guillet is responsible for the professional management of all programs and activities under the Board of County Commissioners. In addition, the County Manager is responsible for overseeing the County's Economic & Community Development Services, Human Resources,  Resource Management, and Information Services departments.

Joe Abel, Deputy County Manager, is responsible for oversight of the County's Public Works, Environmental Services, Leisure Services, and Fire Departments, as well as the Office of Emergency Management. Mr. Abel also works on a variety of special projects.  

Tricia Johnson, Deputy County Manager, is responsible for oversight of the County's Offices of Organizational Excellence and Economic Development and Community Relations, which include Economic Development, Tourism, and Community, and Media Relations. Ms. Johnson also provides oversight of the County's federal and state legislative programs.

Meloney Lung, Assistant County Manager, acts as the County constituent ombudsman and liaison to the community, and works on a variety of special projects.  Ms. Lung also coordinates and reviews the Board of County Commissioners meeting agenda. Ms. Lung also provides oversight of the County's Department of Community Services.