Street Lighting Customer Service Options

Street Light Repair Requests

The lights in your community are serviced by the same power company that provides electricity to your home.  Please contact your power company directly, as this helps speed the repair.

Emergency repair requests (downed power lines, poles, etc.)


to the power company serving your area: 

Duke Energy: (800) 228-8485 or FPL: (800) 226-3545

Duke Energy online repair request or call 800-228-8485
FPL online repair request or call 800-226-3545 

For quickest repair, please provide the address nearest the light location and/or the pole number (stamped on a metal plate at eye level on the pole).  

You will receive an email or phone confirmation from the power company when your request has been processed. 

Minor repairs are normally completed within about five days. 

If more extensive repairs are required, the pole will be marked by tape or a tag; these can often take several weeks or more for completion.

If you have any difficulty reporting repairs or receiving service, please email or call the MSBU Program at 407-665-7178.