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The MSBU Program provides an alternative funding opportunity for residents of unincorporated Seminole County to obtain street lighting for their neighborhoods. Each property owner within an MSBU shares in the cost of the lighting equipment and the electric utility cost. Interested property owners or developers may apply for the establishment of a new street lighting MSBU.  The MSBU Street Lighting Application Packet provides an overview of the process according to the type of project proposed. The creation of an MSBU requires community involvement and support, and the basic steps include: (1) Application, (2) Project analysis & preparation of cost estimate, (3) Petition distribution to determine level of community support, (4) Establishing a governing Ordinance, (5) Project implementation, and (6) Assessment.

Applications to create an MSBU will be considered given the following criteria is met:

  • The property that is to be benefited by the improvement is located within the unincorporated area of Seminole County;
  • The property upon which the improvement is to be made is publicly owned, leased or granted easement;
  • The proposed boundary (properties included) contains a minimum of two distinct taxable (or platted) parcels;
  • The proposed project is a project type as authorized by the BCC; and
  • The proposed project meets the MSBU Program guidelines for public property and/or serves acceptable public purpose.

Applications are accepted from January 1 through June 30. Applications received during this time frame are eligible for equipment installation and assessment in October of the following calendar year. Applications submitted August 1 through December 31 may be held for processing after January 1.

The MSBU Street Lighting Application Packet may be printed from this website, or may be obtained by emailing or contacting the MSBU Program as follows: 

Phone : (407) 665-7178
Office: 1101 East First Street, Sanford, FL 32771.

For additional information, please use these links:

 5 Step Process to Create an MSBU

MSBU Program Brochure

MSBU Application Packet


A variety of street lighting equipment options are available through the MSBU Program. Property owner preferences for alternative equipment styles may vary over time. Occasionally site conditions may change from original installation and yield the need for additional equipment locations or brighter illumination. The MSBU Program is available to offer equipment alternatives and coordinate lighting enhancements.  Contact the MSBU Program for additional information regarding process and cost for making equipment changes or upgrades.

Equipment change (additions and/or upgrades) requests are evaluated by the MSBU Program according to the nature of the change and the potential financial impact to the MSBU. Equipment changes associated with established MSBUs are defined as either "essential" or "elective". An essential change is safety related; while an elective change carries a more discretionary nature and is not safety related. To be safety related, the requested equipment change (generally adding a light or changing the illumination output) must be approved by the power company lighting engineer and justified on a safety related basis.

Essential equipment modification may be implemented with limited community involvement, providing the financial impact on the MSBU would yield an assessment increase not to exceed 20%. Requests for essential changes meeting the combined criteria (safety related and = 20% increase) can be accommodated through the equipment change application process without implementing a petition process. Essential equipment change requests yielding a greater increase in assessment require submittal of an equipment change application and the distribution of a petition document. To honor an equipment change under this criteria (safety related and >20% increase), the petition must be supported by at least 55% of the property owners included in the boundaries of the MSBU.

Elective equipment changes, such as upgrades to decorative equipment styles, and other non-safety related changes require submittal of an equipment change application and the distribution of a petition document. To honor an elective equipment change, the petition must be supported by at least 55% of the property owners included in the boundaries of the MSBU. If so supported, the equipment change will be implemented with the next fiscal year budget.

Equipment change applications are accepted throughout the year. Applications for equipment change that require the petitioning process must be received between January 1 and March 1 to be eligible for implementation in the first available fiscal year or October 1 of the same calendar year. Applications received after March 1st will be eligible for implementation in the next available fiscal year (October 1 of following calendar year).