New Mobility, Fire & Rescue, and Library impact fees took effect on June 29, 2021.  Under certain circumstances, a property owner may with approval enter into a written vested rights agreement with the County by submitting an application package along with the application fee of $500 to the Planning & Development division no later than September 13, 2021.

Vesting through Governmental Approval Requirements are illustrated in the Seminole County Administrative Code Sections 30.31, 30.32, and 30.33

Seminole County Vesting Agreement Application

Please use the links below to view the newly adopted Seminole County Impact fee Ordinances and Resolutions.

Mobility Fees  Fire Rescue Impact Fees  Library Impact Fees  Water & Wastewater Connection Fees

Res. No. 2021-R-100 Amended Sec. 4.40  Res. No. 2021-R-101 Amended Sec. 30.31 30.32 30.33 20.23

Res. No. 2021-R-102 Amended Res No. 2018-R-45

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