Emergency Management

Healthcare Facility Plan Review

In 1995, House Bill 911 was signed into legislation requiring all health care facilities to have comprehensive emergency management plans (CEMP) developed by each facility and then reviewed by the local emergency management office for compliance to the specific state criteria. The purpose of this bill was designed to reinforce the concept that health care facilities, as part of doing business, are responsible for their own residents not only during normal business operations, but also during emergency situations. Large scale and local emergencies can tax local government resources quickly.  Preparing health care facilities to work through emergencies in times of need will protect lives and property.  This will allow health care facilities to continue to provide and take responsibility for services their clients have paid for; and will require during emergency situations.

Sick Child in Hospital BedFees for the disaster review process are allowed to be charged at the discretion of the County Emergency Management Office, to the maximum amounts identified in F.A.C. Chapter 9G-20. Seminole County has decided to charge for this service as more facilities have opened, and the time required to review the disaster plans has grown.

Currently, the facilities that are required by Florida Statute (F.S.) and Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) to develop and submit a disaster plan for review are as follows:

  • Adult Day Care Facilities-F.S. 400.562 and F.A.C. 58A-6.011 (10)
  • Hospitals-F.S. 395.1055 (1)(c) and F.A.C. 59A-3.078
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers-F.S. 395.1055 (1)(c) and F.A.C. 59A-5.015
  • Assisted Living Facilities-F.S. 400.441 (1)(b) and F.A.C. 58A-5.024(1)(j)
  • Nursing Homes-F.S. 400.23 (2)(g) and F.A.C. 59A-4.126
  • Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled-F.S. 393.067 (9)
  • Residential Treatment Center - F.S. 252 and F.A.C. 65E-9

Disaster plans are to be developed by each individual facility that addresses all the required criteria found in the State's criteria checklists and the appropriate requirements found in Florida Statute and the Florida Administrative Code. Each year, disaster plans must be submitted, reviewed, and approved by the Office of Emergency Management, for compliance in addressing those criteria. For those companies that have multiple facilities found in several different counties, each facility must submit a disaster plan to their respective county emergency management office.

Any changes in the criteria, reporting processes, or any additional criteria requirements will be at the discretion of the State Agencies and Florida Legislature. The interpretations of what meets the required criteria found in the disaster plans will be at the discretion of the local emergency management office.

Disaster plans may be submitted for review to:

Steven Lerner
Senior Planner
Office of Emergency Management
150 Eslinger Way
Sanford, FL 32773


Required Forms:

Additional Healthcare Provider Types (Home Health, Nurse Registry, Hospice & Home Medical Equipment Providers):

As of January 2, 2019, home health agencies, nurse registries, hospices, and home medical equipment providers will submt their plans to the Florida Department of Health to be reviewed for compliance with Florida Statutes and Rules. 

CEMPs should be submitted electronically utilizing the link below. Providers licensed to operate in multiple counties are only required to submit the CEMP once and it will be distributed to all County Health Departments required to conduct a review.


For providers unable to make an electronic submission, CEMPs can be mailed to

ATTN: CEMP Reviewer

Florida Department of Health

Bureau of Preparedness & Response

4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin A-23 Tallahassee, FL 32399

For questions, please contact: DOHCEMPReview@FLHealth.gov by email or call 844-234-9307.