Guide to Materials Donations

We look forward to accepting your donations of books and magazines which are in good condition.  Donations may be made at the library during normal hours.  Please do not leave donations in the Book Return drop-box or by the front door.

We Like

  • Books published in the last 5 years,
  • Paperbacks in good condition,
  • Recent best sellers,
  • Classic titles.

We Don't Need

  • Books in poor condition: e.g. musty, mildewed, damp, damaged, torn, with broken bindings or missing pages, or bug-infested,
  • Software not in original, sealed containers,
  • Newspapers,
  • Phonebooks,
  • Non-library material, e.g. doll houses, typewriters, computers, etc.,
  • Audiobooks with tapes or CDs missing,
  • K-12 textbooks more than 2 years old,
  • Incomplete encyclopedia sets,
  • Magazines as follows:
    • Weekly men's and women's magazines more than 6 months old,
    • Weekly news and business magazines more than 3 months old,
    • All other magazines and periodicals more than 3 years old,
    • Professional journals.

Helpful Hints

  • Donations cannot be picked up by the library.
  • Limit your boxes to 1 to 2 boxes at a time.

Those items which are not added to Library collections are sold by the Friends of the Seminole County Library. The proceeds are used to support Library services and collections.