Florida-Friendly Landscape

Green Industries Best Management Practices

Spreading Fertilizer

Prior to issuance of this certification, the applicator must provide proof of having received training in “Green Industry Best Management Practices.” These classes are offered by the Department of Environmental Regulation (DEP) AND the University of Florida, IFAS. The following link will provide information and how to obtain this training: How to obtain training.

A limited commercial fertilizer applicator certificate expires four (4) years after the date of issuance. Before applying for renewal or re-certification, an applicant must complete 4 hours of acceptable continuing education, two of which must be in fertilizer best management practices.

Certification under this section does not authorize:

  • The application of pesticides to turf or ornamentals, including pesticide/fertilizer mixtures;
  • The operation of a pest control business; or
  • The application of pesticides or fertilizers by unlicensed or uncertified personnel under the supervision of the certified person.

How Do I obtain my Limited Certification for Urban
Landscape Commercial Fertilizer license?

Download this application
Complete the application form with:
  • Required Fee
  • A current, clearly recognizable, full-face, head and shoulders photograph measuring approximately 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches in size even if already on file
  • Attach copy of your GI-BMP Training Certificate and mail it FDACS