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Where can you buy locally grown products? 

Check out this great PDF resource or stop by our office for a paper copy*! A Guide to Seminole County's Farms and Farmers Markets (2021)

*See our homepage for information on Covid-19 and visiting the office. 


Have you heard about Seminole County's annual farm tour?

Every year, UF/IFAS Extension Seminole County organizes a public event to visit farms in the county and learn about local agricultural operations. This is a full day filled with fun, interactive educational activities at farms throughout Seminole County.

Farm tour will be virtual in 2021! We will be sharing videos straight from the farm, right to your home devices. You will be able to access the farm tour videos and participate in our video scavenger hunt (until May 16, 2021) for the chance to win some cool stuff like a basket full of Florida agricultural products, a hydroponics kit or a compost bin. Visit our 2021 Virtual Farm Tour Blog for the videos and more information.  

Welcome to our 2021 Virtual Farm Tour. We will have a video scavenger hunt from April 26th-May 16th.


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