Fertilizer Ordinance

Fertilizer Calculator

Fertilizer Calculator
Look at the fertilizer bag for the Total Nitrogen. This is on the front of the bag, the first of the three large numbers, or on the back of the bag on the label.
Bag Label
Click Image above for additional examples.
Enter Total Nitrogen: %   
Also on the label, sometimes beneath the total nitrogen or at the bottom of the label, is the percent of slow release nitrogen.
Enter Slow-Release Nitrogen: %   
Seminole County requires your fertilizers be % slow-release nitrogen.
Slow-Release Nitrogen Percentage: %   
Fertilizer per 1,000 sq ft: lbs  
Calculate length x width or try to visualize how many parking spaces or volleyball courts would fill your yard. A parking space is about 100 square feet and half a volley ball court is 1000 square feet.
Lawn Measurements
Enter sq ft of yard: sq ft
This is how many pounds of fertilizer you need for your yard. Measure out the pounds with a scale or take the portion of fertilizer you need based on how many pounds are in one bag.
Amount of Fertilizer to apply: lbs