Water Conservation

Water Conservation

County Watering Restrictions
Everyone in Seminole County should follow these irrigation guidelines to conserve water, regardless of whether your water comes from a private well or public utility. From November to March, water only once per week. From March to November, water twice per week. Learn more about Water Conservation Ordinance #2009-24.

Water & Sewer Bill Calculator
Use this calculator to see how conserving water can impact your bill each month.

Residential Reclaimed Water Project
The Residential Reclaimed Retrofit Program provides reclaimed water (instead of potable water) for irrigating lawns. Learn more.

Looking for a Speaker?
If your small business, civic club, school or other organization would like to request a speaker on water conservation, please call 407-665-2121.

Why Is It So Important to Conserve Water?
The high quality groundwater that provides our drinking water is one of our most valuable natural resources. As Seminole County grows, we must continue to conserve water and prevent devastating environmental and financial impacts. Learning to use less water today is the best and least expensive way to avoid possible problems in the future.

Toilet Rebate Program
From June 1 to September 23, 2024, Seminole County water customers may be eligible for the toilet replacement rebate program.