Budget & Fiscal Management Division

The Budget & Fiscal Management Division administers the development and on-going monitoring of the countywide budget. Fiscal management support is provided by the division to individual county departments to ensure fiscal accountability, regulatory compliance, and the transparent conveyance of fiscal information for stakeholders and for informed decision-making.

Policy documents and presentations for annual and long-term budget development are maintained through this website location. Citizens are encouraged to review county fiscal policy documents to be informed of the county’s governmental priorities and fiscal health. Questions and comments are welcomed.

Fiscal Year 2018/19 Budget

Budget Development for FY 2018/19

Fiscal Year 2017/18 Budget

Adopted Budget for FY 2017/18

Budget Development for FY 2017/18

Previous Fiscal Year Budget Amendments

Previous Fiscal Year Budgets

Five Year Fund Forecast

Five Year Capital Improvement Program

Revenue Information

Local Option Gas Tax Distribution 2009

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Clerk of the Court)

Fiscal Performance Reports (Unaudited)

Fiscal Year 2010/11 Year Ending 9/30/2011 (Unaudited)

Service Level Inventory Process

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