Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) Program

Water & Wastewater Utility Line Construction

Creating an MSBU for funding the installation of the infrastructure (piping and associated components) required for accessing the County’s utility systems for metered-water and /or wastewater conveyance is an option available to established communities located in unincorporated Seminole County that seek access to the County’s utility services in lieu of their wells and/or private septic systems.

The installation of this infrastructure meets public purpose criteria by providing an essential public health benefit. Properties with access to metered-water specifically benefit by having access to a consistent source for safe and monitored water and by having fire hydrant(s) in the vicinity for emergency response. Wastewater conveyance system access provides essential sanitation.

The basic criteria for qualifying a utility access project for MSBU funding are as follows:
  • Project must be for retrofitting an established area. New development is ineligible for utility line installation MSBU funding.
  • The properties to receive utility access must be within the jurisdictional boundaries of unincorporated Seminole County
  • The properties to receive utility access must be within the service area of the Seminole County utilities system.
  • The constructed infrastructure (piping system) must connect to the County’s utility system or to a utility company with which the County establishes a service agreement.  MSBU funding cannot be used to develop or expand systems for other utility companies.
  • A utility easement and/or other public dedication must be available for all locations where public infrastructure will be installed.
  • The assessment boundary must include at least two parcels.
  • Project must be supported by majority [65%] of owners.

All properties that are provided utility connection access as a result of the project are required to connect to the County utility system and will share equitably in repaying the cost of installing the infrastructure. All such properties will be assigned an assessment. The assessment may be paid in full at any time after levy. Financing is also available with provisions for the property owner to pay the assessment in installments billed via the annual property tax bill.

Establishing assessment funding for an authorized municipal service is a 5-Step process: (1) Apply, (2) Review, (3) Petition, (4) Create, and (5) Implement.  A detailed review of the 5-Step process, sample repayment plans, and charts for calculating rough cost estimate are provided in the an application packet available from the MSBU Program.

Application Forms and  Packet