Street Lighting Customer Service Options

Street lighting equipment in many residential areas of unincorporated Seminole County is funded by assessment districts called MSBUs. Electric utility companies (Duke Energy and FPL) own and maintain the street lights and poles throughout these MSBU districts. For more information about street light MSBUs in Seminole County, please browse our web pages:

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Service Problems? Light(s) need repair?

Emergency repair requests (downed power lines, etc.) must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the power company serving your area:
Duke Energy: (800) 228-8485 or FPL: (800) 226-3545

Minor Repair Requests (light out, broken globe, etc.):

Please contact your power company directly as this helps speed the repair. The lights on your street are serviced by the same power company that provides electricity to your home. Please provide the address nearest the light location and/or the pole number (stamped on a metal plate at eye level on the pole). Power company contact information is below:

Duke Energy: Call 800-228-8485 or submit an online repair request
FPL: Call 800-226-3545 or submit an online repair request

You will receive an email or phone confirmation from the power company when your request has been processed.

Repairs are normally completed within about five days. However, more extensive repairs are sometimes required; these will be marked by tape or a tag on the pole and can often take several weeks or more for completion.

Tree Trimming/Vegetation on Power Lines:

Power lines are NOT a component of MSBU-funded street lighting equipment. To request tree trimming, contact the power company servicing your home.

NOTE: Seminole County's Public Works Department (Roads-Stormwater Division) performs tree trimming along County maintained roads. Trees must be located within the County right-of-way and must be considered a hindrance to safe travel on roadways or public sidewalks. To request roadway trimming call the Public Works Roads-Stormwater Division or complete the online service request form.

MSBU Extensive Street Light Repairs ONLY - contact the MSBU Program:

For extensive NON-EMERGENCY repairs of MSBU-funded street lighting equipment (such as replacement of a damaged pole), please call the MSBU Program at 407-665-7178 or submit the online repair request form. Please provide the address nearest the light location and/or the pole number (stamped on a metal plate at eye level on the pole).

Covered and Non-covered Repair and Maintenance Services:

Repair and maintenance of MSBU-funded street lighting equipment is regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission.

Maintenance fees charged to the MSBU Program obligate the power company to keep MSBU street lighting equipment in good working order. These services have limitations, however. Pole painting is an optional maintenance service and is NOT covered under routine maintenance. Pole painting may be provided by the power company in certain instances, but scheduling lead time for this service typically ranges from one year to several years at minimum, depending on power company budgets.



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