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Guidelines & Procedures

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: Chapter 125.01(q), Florida Statutes

The unincorporated Seminole County Solid Waste MSBU was enacted by Ordinance 94-7 on May 10, 1994, along with the associated solid waste franchise agreements. Solid Waste MSBU service became effective January 1, 1995. The following identifies service selections available to residential property owners in unincorporated Seminole County.

Service Level Collection Days per Week
Option 1 2 garbage, 1 recycle, 1 yard waste
Option 2 2 garbage, 1 recycle

Residential property owners in unincorporated Seminole County may request an upgrade in service at any time. Decreases are updated annually, effective the following service year commencing January 1. Solid waste collection and disposal services are assessed on the annual property tax bill.
NOTE: Solid Waste Management assessments are paid in advance of the service year.


There are four exemptions available for the collection portion of the Solid Waste Collection and Disposal MSBU:

Low income exemption.  For property owners at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.  Limited road access exemption. To qualify for an access exemption, the property owner must demonstrate that access by collection vehicles is unreasonable. The County’s franchised contractor must concur that access by collection vehicles or pick-up accessibility cannot be reasonably accomplished.   Commercial and residential combined use property. Place of residence and business are located on the same parcel. Property owner must have a current Seminole County Occupational License and subscribe to a commercial garbage service.

Agricultural zoned property of two and one-half (2.5) acres or more.

Residential property owners in unincorporated Seminole County may file for an exemption from collection services prior to April 15th each year.  If an exemption is granted, it becomes effective with the following service year.

Unincorporated Seminole County residential property owners who are granted an exemption will be assessed a disposal fee and must dispose of their garbage at either of the sites below at no additional charge.

1634 SR 419
Longwood FL 32750
Information Number: 407-665-2260

1930 Osceola Road
Geneva FL 32732
Information Number: 407-665-2260

Property owners who file for an exemption under Low Income or Commercial and Residential Combined Use Property are required to renew their application annually and are notified by mail regarding renewal.


Builders and/or individuals issued building permits for new residential homes/mobile homes in unincorporated Seminole County pay a Solid Waste fee at the time of permit issuance. These fees are based on current solid waste collection and disposal rates for service option 1.

When a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued for a single family residence in unincorporated Seminole County, the hauler is notified to begin solid waste collection and recycling. Additionally, weekly updates on approved exemptions and billing unit changes are provided to the haulers.


Customers concerns regarding haulers, service problems, days of service and recycling are handled through the Seminole County Solid Waste Division at 407-665-2260.
Information about assessments, exemptions, change of service and billing units are handled through the Resource Management Department / MSBU Program at 407-665-7178.

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