Customer Service

Quality customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

MSBU Program representatives are available to assist with inquiries about non-ad valorem assessment in unincorporated Seminole County.  To ensure a quality response, the MSBU Program representatives specialize in providing assistance with changes in solid waste collection service option, MSBU opportunities, new and/or developing MSBUs, management and administration of established MSBUs, and financial management of the MSBU Program.

Telephone:           407.665.7178

Fax:                        407.665.5286


Office Location:   County Services Building, Third Floor - Room 3301 
                                 1101 East First Street, Sanford, Florida 32771-1468

Parking is available along First Street or in the parking lot across from the County Services building.

i Online Services:

Service Option Change Request Form  Request customer solid waste service level option changes.

Solid Waste collection service [household garbage, yard waste & recycling] activities are managed by the Environmental Services Department through the Solid Waste Management  Customer Service Team.  Concerns or inquiries related to solid waste collection services are best addressed by calling 407.665.2260.

Street Lighting service issues are coordinated through the local power company providing electric utility.

Request Address Change  [PDF] (Address changes are updated by the Property Appraiser's office). 

My Resident Information  has links to web pages of particular interest to residents, such as utilities, schools, libraries and parks.