Active/Established MSBUs

Construction - Tamarak-charter Oaks Wall Replacement

Current Status:

Assessment installment payments are collected annually via property tax bills.  Financing charges are assigned on an annual basis.  An assessment balance may be paid in full at any time without penalty.  A Satisfaction of Lien document will be issued by the MSBU Program whenever an assessment balance is paid in full.  The final installment will be billed in tax year 2017 (unless assessment balance is paid in full sooner).  Refer to Payoff Schedule table for details.  The leasehold and easement agreements required in support of the MSBU are active through 2017.

Background History:  

A community-based application requesting creation of this MSBU was received in 2004.  The petition process demonstrated a community-wide support of 66%.  The requested MSBU was created in 2007 by the Board of County Commissioners following a public hearing, and equitable assessment liens (based on project cost estimates) were filed against all benefited property.