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Other - Cedar Ridge Grounds Maintenance

Current Status:

In April 2017, the MSBU Program mailed a letter to all homeowners in the Cedar Ridge community. The letter highlighted the possibility of pursuing a one-time cleanup (pressure wash and repaint] of the subdivision wall located along Howell Branch Road.  The feedback received from the community was supportive of the initiative, but also brought forth additional suggestions for making improvements. As a result, the wall project was placed on hold until alternative improvements are evaluated. Over the next few months, the MSBU Program staff will be working with the MSBU community liaison (Bob Ford - to determine which improvements can be best accommodated using existing funding. If you have improvement and funding preferences, please communicate your preferences the community liaison or to the MSBU Program Project Coordinator Joe Saucer –

For more details about the assessment-funded services provided on behalf of Cedar Ridge property owners, please contact the community liaison (Bob Ford - or contact the MSBU Program.  

Background History:
An MSBU for wall construction (along Howell Branch Road), landscaping and grounds maintenance on behalf of Cedar Ridge (designated common land areas) was established in 1989 and amended in 1992. Historic information such as application and petition activity is not available as record retention requirements have expired. Following completion of the initial wall and landscaping project, the governing ordinance was amended in 1997 to reduce the cost and limit the scope of ongoing services. The 1997 amendment included removing wall maintenance from the scope of assessment-funded services.  The financial management of the Cedar Ridge Grounds and Landscaping MSBU is provided by the MSBU Program. The Leisure Services Department monitors the contracted service providers performing work on behalf of the Cedar Ridge MSBU. The assessment rate is established annually by the Board of County Commissioners and is posted to the MSBU website.  A notice of proposed assessment is also mailed to property owners annually in July.