Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Facilities Management Division

The Facilities Management Division is responsible for providing a full range of facility management services in those County-owned and leased facilities that are under its jurisdiction.  These services include maintenance, repair, capital renewal, utilities, security services, space planning, interior design, renovations, energy conservation, and custodial services. The Facilities Management Division is also responsible for leasing, managing, and disposing of real property and facilities, as requested by the Board of County Commissioners and various Constitutional officers.

Facilities Maintenance Program

This program provides ongoing facility operations, repairs, and maintenance for over (400+) buildings and structures totaling over two million square feet.  The day-to-day activities performed by this program are essential to protect, preserve, and restore existing facilities and equipment. Services include repairs and maintenance of buildings and systems; contracted services; recurring testing, inspections, and equipment certifications; and utility expenses.

Property Management Program

This program manages leased space (County as tenant and County as landlord), dumpster refuse services, custodial services, window cleaning, contract management, and security services.  General activities performed by this program include coordination of negotiation and leasing of office space for satellite facilities and County-owned land and buildings, administration of leases upon execution, conducting of market surveys to determine availability to meet space needs, and ensuring that contract requirements are met for commitments, changes, and invoices.

Construction Management Program

This program is responsible for the administration and management of most construction and renovation projects (excluding water and sewer).  Applicable operating and capital projects include, but are not limited to, building renovations, alterations, additions, new construction, and demolition.   The Planned Work Program is a multifaceted facilities maintenance work plan for stabilizing the reliability of equipment and extending the useful life of County facilities.  Facilities Management completes equipment and facility assessments through information gathering, inspections, forecasting, and customer coordination in order to generate a comprehensive multi-year program schedule. Major capital components identified in the plan include, but are not limited to: roofs, heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC), flooring, fire alarms, building envelopes, and parking lots.