Director's Office

The Director's Office oversees the five divisions of Public Works which encompass a wide range of activities. The divisions are Engineering (includes Stormwater and Right-of-Way),  Fleet/Facilities, Roads-Stormwater (includes Survey), Traffic Engineering,  and Watershed Management (includes Mosquito Control).


Engineering Division - Provides long-range planning, design and construction of Seminole County’s transportation infrastructure and Capital Improvement Projects.

Traffic Engineering Division – Plans, designs, constructs, and maintains all traffic control devices (signs, signals, school flashers, roadway markings).

Roads – Stormwater Division – Provides maintenance and repair of sidewalks, curb, ditches, canals and retention ponds. Also provides herbiciding, mowing, concrete work, asphalt patching, street sweeping, tree trimming and shoulder repairs.

Watershed Management Division – Responsible for water quality monitoring and assessment, lake management, protection and restoration, and countywide, science based mosquito control.

Development Review Engineering - Responsible for ensuring new development projects comply with Seminole County regulations through a specified and managed review process. The Construction Inspection Team ensures that projects are constructed in compliance with the Seminole County Engineering Manual and in accordance with all approvals, Agreements, Development Orders and Construction Plans.

Real Estate Management Program - Handles all aspects of County property acquisition and disposition, including management of all County owned property information.

Fleet Program - Maintains and acquires vehicles and equipment and surplus vehicles and equipment. Also manages outsourced vehicle/equipment work, and manages fuel operations.

Facilities Program – Provides building maintenance, landscape maintenance, repairs, minor renovations, contract supervision, energy management, HVAC services and management of utility services for Seminole County facilities.


On May 20, 2014, a County-wide referendum special election was conducted by the Supervisor of Elections which provided the voters of Seminole County with the opportunity to decide if the proposed one cent infrastructure tax should be approved. This tax will be effective for 10 years, beginning January 1, 2015. The infrastructure tax revenue will fund several projects for the County, several municipalities in the county, and the School Board of Seminole County.

For more details, visit the One Cent Sales Tax web pages.

Public Works Projects

Capital Improvement Projects in the Public Works Department include Major Roadway Projects, Minor Road Improvements, Paving & Pavement Rehabilitation, Trails, Sidewalks, and Stormwater Projects (under the Engineering Division), Signals & Traffic Safety Projects (under the Traffic Engineering Division).

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The Seminole County Board of County Commissioners seeks comments from their citizens pertaining to plans to submit certain grant applications to the State of Florida, Department of Economic Opportunity, in pursuit of U.S. HUD funding: learn more.


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May 24, 2021