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The Development Review Engineering Division is responsible for assisting customers to comply with the Seminole County Engineering Manual and the Seminole County Land Development Code and related ordinances through a managed review process. The Construction Inspection Team ensures that projects are constructed in compliance with all approvals including Development Orders and construction plans.

The Division provides technical data and recommendations for land development proposals to the Board of County Commissioners, Planning and Zoning, Board of Adjustment and the Development Review Committee (DRC).

DEVELOPMENT REVIEW PROCESSES AND APPLICATIONS Land Use Amendments, Rezoning, Site Plan, and Subdivision Processes: Information about development processes along with applications for land use amendments, rezoning, site plan approval and subdivision plats including lot split and minor plats.

ENGINEERING MANUAL The purpose of these standards is to establish the minimum criteria for the design, construction and maintenance for all land development projects within Seminole County.

RIGHT OF WAY USE PERMIT This section has information on the requirements for submitting for a Right-of-Way Utilization Permit Review.

Information and Resources

In Development Services, we are committed to continuous improvement. It is important to our department that you experience excellent customer service while we work to meet your needs. We value your comments and suggestions. Please take a few moments to let us know how we are doing. 

Map resource to query information such as zoning, land use, utility service area.

Information about Active Projects, the Inspection Team, the Inspection Process, and more.

DIGITAL SIGNATURES for ePlan Projects Seminole County now accepts digital signatures that can be verified through a 3rd Party Certificate Authority (CA). These may be used on any files that require the design professional’s signature and seal. Applicants and Consultants should be aware that there is a fee for this commercial service. Seminole County will not make recommendations on specific commercial 3rd Party CA’s to utilize.

ELECTRONIC PLAN REVIEW Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) is a web-based solution that allows plans for Building Permits and Development Projects to be submitted electronically, replacing the traditional paper-based review method. 

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