Seminole Heart

Strategic Plan


In 2017, Seminole HEART board members, supported by the University of Central Florida, conducted a complete review of the past strategic planning activities, solicited member feedback, and developed a set of recommended initiatives. 

The Strategic Plan will be used as a roadmap to help the organization as it continues its mission “To strengthen County-wide disaster preparedness, coordination, and response to unmet needs from emergencies and disasters through information sharing; assisting individuals and families to obtain access to available resources; and to collaboratively resolve cases.”

Thank You Volunteers

The process of prioritization was guided by alignment with the strategic mission with goals and objectives.  These goals and objectives will help to strengthen agencies connections before, during and after emergencies and disasters. The agency will no longer wait for a disaster to occur to respond and help individuals recover from the event.  By taking a pro-active approach to emergency management, the agency will support cooperative preparedness activities, mitigate and strengthen the community’s resilience, and support recovery planning before the disasters occur.  

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