For Parents

Internet Safety Tips for Parents and Guardians

Share these tips with your kids:
(These tips are adapted from Common Sense Media.)
  • Never give any personal information to anyone you meet online.
  • Never meet up with anyone you don't already know.
  • People are often not who they say they are.
  • Don't fill out any "fun" questionnaires that are forwarded to you.
  • Make sure you only communicate with people you know.
  • You do not have to answer e-mails or messages from people you don't know.
  • There's no such thing as "private" on the Internet.
  • Be careful about posting pictures of yourself and don't send pictures of other people.
  • Don't download content without your parents' permission.
  • Never share your password with anyone but your parents.
Remember that as frustrating as your parents are on this subject, they're only trying to keep you safe.


Seminole County Public Library recommends an Internet Safety Education Program called NetSmartz. NetSmartz is an animated, interactive, age-appropriate application designed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It teaches Internet safety awareness to children, teens, parents, guardians, and educators, and caters to these different groups with several versions of the program. NetSmartz can be used at the library, or from any computer with Internet access.
Children and teens are required to take the NetSmartz Workshop before they are allowed to access the Internet on library computers. This requirement can be waived at the request of parents via a signed authorization form.

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