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Reading List

This is a list of great written works compiled by an SCPL librarian.

If you are looking for a classic to read, browse through our list of 219 works by 146 authors.

Ancient Classics

Author Title
Æsop (c.500 B.C.) Fables
Aristophanes (c.448-380 B.C.) Lysistrata
Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) Ethics
Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) Politics
Euripides (c.484-408 B.C.) The Trojan Women
Homer (c.800 B.C.) The Iliad
Homer (c.800 B.C.) The Odyssey
Plato (c.427-347 B.C.) The Republic
Sophocles (496-406 B.C.) Antigone
Sophocles (496-406 B.C.) Oedipus Rex
Virgil (70-19 B.C.) The Æneid

British Classics

Author Title
  Beowulf (c.700)
Chaucer, Geoffrey (c.1340-1400) The Canterbury Tales
Malory, Sir Thomas (1430-1471) Le Morte d'Arthur
Milton, John (1608-1674) Paradise Lost
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)  The Complete Works

European Classics

Author Title
  Arabian Nights (c.700-1500)
Boccaccio, Giovanni (1313-1375) The Decameron
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de (1547-1616) Don Quixote
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) The Divine Comedy
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von (1749-1832) Faust
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von (1749-1832) The Sorrows of Young Werther
Machiavelli, Niccolò (1469-1527) The Prince
Molière (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin) (1622-1673)  Tartuffe
Omar Khayyám (1048-1122) The Rubáiyát
Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet) (1694-1778) Candide

American 19th Century Novels

Author Title
Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888) Little Women
Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864) The Scarlet Letter
James, Henry (1843-1916) The Portrait of a Lady
James, Henry (1843-1916) The Turn of the Screw
Melville, Herman (1819-1891) Billy Budd
Melville, Herman (1819-1891) Moby Dick
Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849) Complete Tales
Twain, Mark (Samuel Langhorne 
Clemens) (1835-1910)
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Twain, Mark (Samuel Langhorne 
Clemens) (1835-1910)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Twain, Mark (Samuel Langhorne 
Clemens) (1835-1910)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

American 20th Century Novels

Author Title
Bradbury, Ray (1920- ) Fahrenheit 451
Bradbury, Ray (1920- ) The Martian Chronicles
Faulkner, William (1897-1962) Absalom, Absalom!
Faulkner, William (1897-1962) As I Lay Dying
Faulkner, William (1897-1962) Light in August
Faulkner, William (1897-1962) The Sound and the Fury
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940) The Great Gatsby
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940) The Last Tycoon
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940) Tender is the Night
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940) This Side of Paradise
García Márquez, Gabriel (1928- )  One Hundred Years of Solitude
Heller, Joseph (1923-1999) Catch-22
Hemingway, Ernest (1899-1961) A Farewell to Arms
Hemingway, Ernest (1899-1961) For Whom the Bell Tolls
Hemingway, Ernest (1899-1961) The Old Man and the Sea
Hemingway, Ernest (1899-1961) The Sun Also Rises
Irving, John (1942- ) The Cider House Rules
Irving, John (1942- ) The Hotel New Hampshire
Irving, John (1942- ) A Prayer for Owen Meany
Irving, John (1942- ) The World According to Garp
Lee, Harper (1926- ) To Kill a Mockingbird
Miller, Henry (1891-1980) Tropic of Cancer
Nabakov, Vladimir (1899-1977) Lolita
Rand, Ayn (1905-1982) Anthem
Rand, Ayn (1905-1982) Atlas Shrugged
Rand, Ayn (1905-1982) The Fountainhead
Salinger, J. D. (1919- ) The Catcher in the Rye
Steinbeck, John (1902-1968) The Grapes of Wrath
Steinbeck, John (1902-1968) Of Mice and Men

British 17th Century Novels

Author Title
Defoe, Daniel (1660-1731)  Moll Flanders
Defoe, Daniel (1660-1731)  Robinson Crusoe

British 18th Century Novels

Author Title
Fielding, Henry (1707-1754) Tom Jones
Sterne, Laurence (1713-1768)  Tristram Shandy
Swift, Jonathan (1667-1745) Gulliver's Travels

British 19th Century Novels

Author Title
Abbott, Edwin Abbott (1838-1926) Flatland
Austen, Jane (1775-1817) Emma
Austen, Jane (1775-1817) Mansfield Park
Austen, Jane (1775-1817) Pride and Prejudice
Austen, Jane (1775-1817) Sense and Sensibility
Brontë, Charlotte (1816-1855) Jane Eyre
Brontë, Emily (1818-1848) Wuthering Heights
Carroll, Lewis (Charles Dodgson) (1832-1898)  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis (Charles Dodgson) (1832-1898) Through the Looking-Glass
Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) Bleak House
Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) Great Expectations
Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) Hard Times
Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) A Tale of Two Cities
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan (1859-1930) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Eliot, George (Mary Ann Evans) (1819-1880) Middlemarch
Eliot, George (Mary Ann Evans) (1819-1880) The Mill on the Floss
Eliot, George (Mary Ann Evans) (1819-1880) Silas Marner
Hardy, Thomas (1840-1928) Far from the Maddening Crowd
Hardy, Thomas (1840-1928) Jude the Obscure
Hardy, Thomas (1840-1928) Tess of the d'Urbervilles
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft (1797-1851) Frankenstein
Stevenson, Robert Louis (1850-1894) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Thackeray, William Makepeace (1811-1863) Vanity Fair
Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900) The Picture of Dorian Gray

British 20th Century Novels

Author Title
Burgess, Anthony (1917-1993)  A Clockwork Orange
Conrad, Joseph (1857-1924) Heart of Darkness
Conrad, Joseph (1857-1924) Lord Jim
Durrell, Lawrence (1912-1990) The Alexandria Quartet: Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive, Clea
Forster, E. M. (1879-1970) Howards End
Forster, E. M. (1879-1970) A Passage to India
Forster, E. M. (1879-1970) A Room with a View
Forster, E. M. (1879-1970) Where Angels Fear to Tread
Huxley, Aldous (1894-1963) Brave New World
Ishiguro, Kazuo (1954- ) The Remains of the Day
Joyce, James (1882-1941) Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Joyce, James (1882-1941) Ulysses
Lawrence, D. H. (1885-1930) Lady Chatterley's Lover
Lawrence, D. H. (1885-1930) Sons and Lovers
Lawrence, D. H. (1885-1930) Women in Love
Lewis, C. S. (1898-1963) The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Orwell, George (1903-1950) Animal Farm
Orwell, George (1903-1950) 1984
Wells, H. G. (1866-1946) The Invisible Man
Wells, H. G. (1866-1946) The Time Machine
Wells, H. G. (1866-1946) The War of the Worlds
Woolf, Virginia (1882-1941) Orlando
Woolf, Virginia (1882-1941) To the Lighthouse

European 19th Century Novels

Author Title
Balzac, Honoré de (1799-1850) Eugénie Grandet
Balzac, Honoré de (1799-1850) Père Goriot
Dostoevsky, Fyodor (1821-1881) The Brothers Karamazov
Dostoevsky, Fyodor (1821-1881) Crime and Punishment
Dumas, Alexandre (1802-1870) The Count of Monte Cristo
Dumas, Alexandre (1802-1870) The Three Musketeers
Flaubert, Gustave (1821-1880) Madame Bovary
Hugo, Victor (1802-1885) The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Hugo, Victor (1802-1885) Les Misérables
Hugo, Victor (1802-1885) Ninety-Three
Stendahl (Marie-Henry Beyle) (1783-1842)  The Red and the Black
Tolstoy, Leo (1828-1910) Anna Karenina
Tolstoy, Leo (1828-1910) The Death of Ivan Ilych
Tolstoy, Leo (1828-1910) War and Peace
Turgenev, Ivan (1818-1883) Fathers and Sons
Turgenev, Ivan (1818-1883) First Love

European 20th Century Novels

Author Title
Camus, Albert (1913-1960) The Plague
Camus, Albert (1913-1960) The Stranger
Hesse, Herman (1877-1962)  Siddhartha
Kafka, Franz (1883-1924) The Castle
Kafka, Franz (1883-1924) The Metamorphosis
Kafka, Franz (1883-1924) The Trial
Mann, Thomas (1875-1955) Death in Venice
Mann, Thomas (1875-1955) The Magic Mountain
Nin, Anaïs (1903-1977) Delta of Venus
Nin, Anaïs (1903-1977) The Diary of Anaïs Nin
Proust, Marcel (1871-1922) Remembrance of Things Past

American 19th Century Poetry

Author Title
Dickinson, Emily (1830-1886)  Poems by Emily Dickinson
Whitman, Walt (1819-1892) Leaves of Grass

American 20th Century Poetry

Author Title
cummings, e. e. (1894-1962)  Complete Poems
Frost, Robert (1874-1963) The Road Not Taken
Frost, Robert (1874-1963) Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

British 18th Century Poetry

Author Title
Blake, William (1757-1827) Songs of Experience
Blake, William (1757-1827) Songs of Innocence
Burns, Robert (1759-1796) Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834)  Kubla Khan
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834) Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Wordsworth, William (1770-1850) Lines Composed a Few Miles from Tintern Abbey
Wordsworth, William (1770-1850) The Prelude

British 19th Century Poetry

Author Title
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (1806-1861) Sonnets from the Portuguese
Browning, Robert (1812-1889) The Ring and the Book
Byron, George Gordon (Lord) (1788-1824)  Don Juan
Keats, John (1795-1821) Hyperion
Keats, John (1795-1821) Ode to a Nightingale
Keats, John (1795-1821) To Autumn
Shelley, Percy Bysshe (1792-1822) Prometheus Unbound

British 20th Century Poetry

Author Title
Yeats, William Butler (1865-1939)  Last Poems and Plays


Author Title
Beckett, Samuel (1906-1989) Waiting for Godot
Checkov, Anton (1860-1904) Three Sisters
Checkov, Anton (1860-1904) Uncle Vanya
Ibsen, Henrik (1828-1906) A Doll's House
Ibsen, Henrik (1828-1906) The Master Builder
Ibsen, Henrik (1828-1906) Peer Gynt
Miller, Arthur (1915- ) Death of a Salesman
O'Neill, Eugene (1888-1953) Long Day's Journey into Night
Rostand, Edmond (1868-1918) Cyrano de Bergerac
Shaw, George Bernard (1856-1950)  Arms and the Man
Shaw, George Bernard (1856-1950) Pygmalion
Williams, Tennessee (1914-1983) A Streetcar Named Desire


Author Title
Descartes, René (1596-1650) Discourse on Method
Hobbes, Thomas (1588-1679) Leviathan
Hume, David (1711-1776) An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
Kant, Immanuel (1724-1804) The Critique of Pure Reason
Locke, John (1632-1704) An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Marx, Karl (1818-1883) and 
Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) 
The Communist Manifesto
Marx, Karl (1818-1883) and 
Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)
Das Kapital
Mill, John Stuart (1806-1873) On Liberty
More, Sir Thomas (1478-1535) Utopia
Nietzsche, Friedrich (1844-1900) Beyond Good and Evil
Nietzsche, Friedrich (1844-1900) Thus Spake Zarathustra
Paine, Thomas (1737-1809) The Age of Reason
Paine, Thomas (1737-1809) The Rights of Man
Pascal, Blaise (1623-1662) Pensées
Rousseau, Jean Jacques (1712-1778) The Social Contract
Smith, Adam (1723-1790) The Wealth of Nations
Thomas Aquinas, Saint (1225-1274) Summa Theologica

Religious Texts

Author Title
  Bhagavad Gita (c.400-200 B.C.)
  The Bible (c.800 B.C.-300 A.D.)
  Popul Vuh (unknown)
  The Upanishads (c.600 B.C.)
Buddha (563-483 B.C.) Teachings
Lao-Tzu (c.604-531 B.C.) Tao Te Ching
Muhammad (c.570-632) The Koran

Biography and History

Author Title
Boswell, James (1740-1795) The Life of Samuel Johnson
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) Autobiography
Gibbon, Edward (1737-1794) The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Hamilton, Alexander (1757-1804), 
James Madison (1751-1836), and 
John Jay (1745-1829)
The Federalist Papers
Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826) The Declaration of Independence
Pepys, Samuel (1633-1703) Diary
Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862) Civil Disobedience
Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862) Walden

Science and Mathematics

Author Title
Copernicus, Nicolaus (1473-1543)  On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres
Darwin, Charles (1809-1882) On the Origin of Species
Einstein, Albert (1879-1955) Relativity: The Special and the General Theory
Euclid (c.330-c.275 B.C.) The Elements
Freud, Sigmund (1859-1939) A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis
Freud, Sigmund (1859-1939) The Interpretation of Dreams
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) Two New Sciences
Hawking, Stephen (1942- ) A Brief History of Time
Newton, Isaac (1642-1727) Opticks
Newton, Isaac (1642-1727) Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis
Ptolemy (c.100 B.C.) The Almagest