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Index To April 2000 Color Infrared (doqqs)

April 2000 georeferenced Color Infrared (CIR) (3 Band) Digital Ortho Quarter Quads (DOQQs) . These DOQQs have 1 meter resolution and are a product of 1:40000 scale NAPP imagery. These images are currently available in both Albers Projection (meters) in MrSid format from the St Johns River Water Management District web pages or here in SPC feet in MrSid format. The naming convention for these files: dq####.sid (or TIF) where #### is the image number. Four quarter quads were compressed into a single USGS quadrangle file for ease of use. The average file size for the original TIFF files was 488 Mb (512,691,249 bytes) and the average output size compressed in MrSid format was 23.91 Mb (25,074,885 bytes), yielding an actual compression ratio of 20.45 to 1.

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Digital Quarter Quadrangle 1995 Aerial Map
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