Utilities Engineering

Utilities Engineering

Utilities Engineering

The Utilities Engineering team is responsible for project management (concept to completion) of all elements of Seminole County's utility capital improvement program. This service entails management of the planning, design, permitting and construction of all aspects of the potable (drinking) water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems within the County's four utility service areas. Our team ensures quality, cost effective utility infrastructure improvements complying with Federal and State regulations. Examples of the types of utility infrastructure managed include: water plants, wastewater plants, drinking water wells, wastewater pump stations, reclaimed water facilities and pipelines conveying water, waste and reclaimed water.

Utilities Engineering also provides services for County departmental design review and permitting, negotiating and monitoring utility interlocal agreements, MSBU support, updating and maintaining CAD details sheets and standards within the Engineering Manual, utility hydraulic modeling, publication and distribution of utility system maps, providing fire flow data support to Public Safety.


The Utility Inspection Team inspects County owned water, wastewater and reclaimed water infrastructure that is installed in unincorporated areas of Seminole County. These projects may be County capital improvement projects or private development projects where the infrastructure will become part of the County's utility system. Inspectors are responsible for observing the construction of the facilities to ensure compliance with contract documents and County standards. Inspectors observe taps to water mains and sewage force mains, as well as inspecting water mains, reclaimed water mains, sewage force mains, gravity sewer collection systems and wastewater pump stations. Inspectors also observe water main pressure testing, chlorination of water mains and bacteriological testing. They coordinate fire hydrant flow tests, backflow preventer certification, and wastewater pump station start-ups and acceptance testing. Prior to final acceptance of the project, they review record drawings and perform final inspections.

APPROVED MATERIALS & MANUFACTURERS LIST is included with the Engineering Standards manual. It can be accessed through the preceding link. 


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