Solid Waste Management

Bulk Item Collection

Acceptable bulk items will be picked up at curbside on the second day of your garbage collection. 

Listed here are the acceptable curbside bulk items  Yard debris is not an acceptable bulk item. 

Please notify your hauler for the collection of an appliance, HVAC equipment, or water heater.

Service Areas 1 & 3 - Waste Pro  407-774-0800

Service Area 2 - Waste Management  407-464-0664

Waste Management's automated system will ask you about receiving text messaging. If you reply yes, bulk pick-up information is sent via a text link to guide you to their self-service options. If you reply no, you will be routed to an agent.

To find your service area. Click on the map image below to open a PDF version of it in a new window.

service area

If your bulk item is not collected on the second collection day of the week please fill out the complaint form below