Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2024: CASH OR CHECKS AT LANDFILL: The Seminole County Landfill in Geneva is currently accepting only cash or checks for tipping fees while the credit card system is down. For more information, contact the Solid Waste Management Division at (407) 665-2260.

The Seminole County Solid Waste Management Division provides collection, recycling and disposal services for unincorporated Seminole County residents and commercial customers via contracted service providers. The Division also maintains oversight of the Central Transfer Station and County Landfill.

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If your collection was missed or you need to file a complaint, please complete an online Complaint Form.

Complaint Form
  • Ensure garbage, yard waste and recycling containers are placed curbside no later than 6:00 a.m. on your designated collection day.
  • If haulers have not picked up your garbage, yard waste, or recycling by 8:00 p.m., please put the containers back at the curbside the next day or the day following your missed collection.

Services Provided

Residential Garbage and Recycling Collection
Residents of the unincorporated area of the county receive household garbage, recycling, yard waste and large item collection service from contracted providers.

Commercial Garbage and Recycling Collection
Commercial customers receive collection of garbage, recycling, food waste, construction & demolition debris, yard waste, land clearing debris, white goods, furniture, special waste and more via authorized service providers.

Household Hazardous Waste
Household hazardous waste disposal is free for all Seminole County residents.

Drop-Off at Central Transfer Station or Landfill
Residents and commercial customers can bring recycling, hazardous waste, and more to the Central Transfer Station in Longwood or the Landfill in Geneva.

Boat Disposal at Landfill
Residents can dispose of entire boats at the Landfill, after hazardous materials have been removed and an inspection has been performed at the Central Transfer Station