Planning & Development

Planning 101

This page contains videos and presentations to provide you information on what planning is, its role in government, and its relation to the Land Development Code.

What is Planning?

Source:  Planetizen Courses and Youtube


  • Chapter 163, Part II Growth Policy; County and Municipal Planning; Land Development Regulation of Florida Statutes regulates local government planning and zoning.

  • All counties and municipalities are required by Florida Statutes to maintain a comprehensive plan.

  • Section 163.3177 requires 'elements' (chapters) of the local comprehensive plan to provide principles that describe how government programs, activities, and land development regulations will implement the comprehensive plan.

  • The comprehensive plan explains what the community wants its future to be, and zoning is a tool that helps achieve that vision.

  • Seminole County has a Land Development Code that includes a zoning code. The Land Development Code includes the laws that govern land development for unincorporated Seminole County.

What is Future Land Use? What is Zoning?