Subdivision Plan Approval Procedures

Subdivision Application Procedure Summary


The public health, safety, comfort, and welfare require the harmonious, orderly, and progressive development of land within the unincorporated areas of Seminole County. The subdivision of land has been shaped into building lots, blocks, and streets; the correction of defects is costly and difficult. Substantial public responsibility is created by each new subdivision, involving the maintenance of streets and drainage facilities, and the provision of additional public services. As the general welfare, health, safety, and convenience of the community are thereby directly affected by the use of land as a subdivision, it is in the direct interest of the public that subdivisions be conceived, designed, and developed in accordance with sound rules and proper standards. Consideration shall be given to the character of an area and the availability of public facilities to insure the compatibility and coordination of land uses and facilities within a given geographic unit.

NOTE: At each phase of the subdivision process, a new application must be submitted as applicant, consultants, and project details can change.

DESIGN STANDARDS (Secs. 35.51-35.60)

All lands included within the subdivision must be suitable for the various purposes proposed in the request for subdivision approval. Further, no subdivision plan may be approved unless the Board finds, after full consideration of all pertinent data, that the subdivision can be served adequately with such normal public facilities and services as are suitable in the circumstances of the particular case.

 Subdivision Application


On those properties assigned the A-3, A-5 or A-10 zoning classifications, the following subdivision standards may apply. These standards are in addition to the other standards of Chapter 35, Part 6.

>>>Please refer to Fee Summary for Subdivision Application fees<<<


Development Plan (Sec. 35.42):  At the applicant's option, the Development Plan may be by-passed and the project may proceed directly to the Preliminary Subdivision Plan (PSP) Review. 


       I. Preliminary Subdivision Plan (PSP) (Sec. 35.43)

           - Technical hearing item that goes before the Planning & Zoning Board for approval.

           Review Process Information (PDF) [52KB]  


      II. Final Engineering (If applicable)* (Secs. 40.31 - 40.50)

           - Reviewed and approved by the Development Review Committee (DRC).

            Review Process Information (PDF) [52KB]           



      III. Final Plat* (Sec. 35.44)

            - Approved as a consent item by the Board of County Commissioners.

             Review Process Information (PDF) [47KB] 


*The Final Plat and Final Engineering Plans shall be reviewed by the Development Review Committee prior to plat recording.