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The resources on this page may help you answer frequently asked questions regarding Planning, Zoning, and Development:

Where can I get an application for my project or submit my payment?
Forms & Applications Website Forms & Applications
Project Inquiries & Payments Project Inquiries & Payments
Request via Email
Where can I find information on development processes?
Development Processes Website Development Processes
Planning & Development Website Planning & Development
How can I look up the zoning or future land use of my property?
Seminole County Property Appraiser Search Property Appraiser  How To Video
Information Kiosk Map Search Information Kiosk   How To Video
How can I find information about a property?
Seminole County GIS Maps Gallery GIS Maps Gallery
Setbacks, Zoning, and Future Land Use Table FLU and Zoning Table (PDF)
My Resident Information (Utilities, Political Districts, School Zones) My Resident Information  How To Video
Where can I lookup information about an existing project or public hearing?
ePlan (Applicants only) ePlan
Project Inquiry (Anyone) Project Inquiry
Development Projects GIS Map Development Projects Map
Request via Email
Meeting Agendas & Videos Website Meeting Agendas & Videos
How can I research the Land Development Code/Code of Ordinances/Comprehensive Plan/Other Regulations?
Codes and Regulations Website Codes & Regulations
Land Development Code (Municode) Land Development Code
Code of Ordinances (Municode) Code of Ordinances
Comprehensive Plan Comprehensive Plan (PDF)
Special Areas/Overlays GIS Map Special Areas Map
Where can I find Code Enforcement information?
Code Enforcement Website Code Enforcement
Open Code Enforcement and Special Magistrate Cases Open Cases (Link to PDF)